ThERM™ Fire Mitigation.


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The controls and systems experts at Prism Controls®, in collaboration with globally recognized fire protection and risk management experts from WJE, have developed ThERM™, a fire mitigation system, which is designed to address the unique challenges in today’s complex farms.

Fire Mitigation Made Simple.

With over 40 years of experience, Prism Controls® has an extensive understanding of the unique challenges faced by today’s farms. In our world, one size rarely fits all. Our experts will work with you to design, develop, and deploy the right solution for your unique needs.


Our experts will evaluate your site to identify risks and develop a comprehensive mitigation plan that addresses your unique needs.


Prism Controls® works with you to develop efficient and effective maintenance and mitigation programs that reduce fire risks commonly associated with farm operations.


ThERM™ provides farm managers with real-time, historical, and audit-level views into maintenance plan compliance across the entire farm.

ThERM™ Detect

ThERM™ Detect is built with a proven Smoke detector  at its core.  ThERM™ Detect is proven to identify smoke at the earliest of stages in the dusty environment of a livestock building.  Built with maintenance in mind, ThERM™  Detect includes a automatic high pressure clean out system and inline filter system that helps farm staff maintain an optimal system between annual testing.  

ThERM™ Response 

The true genius behind fire protection is ThERM™ Response and its two-stage response system and its proprietary integration of both human and system intervention.


  • Works with Existing Emergency Response Notification Platforms
  • Safety Rated PLC with Built-in Redundancy
  • Integrated Internal Diagnostics & Fault Tolerance
  • Mitigation Response Tailored to Your Farm’s Unique Needs
  • Proprietary Response Strategy Reduces Risk to Flock & Infrastructure

Stage 1-Alert

ThERM™ deploys a wide range of alerts when conditions are less than ideal, but don’t rise to a level that a thermal event may be likely. This equips farm managers and farm personnel with the information they need to proactively respond to conditions that are outside predetermined tolerances.

Stage 2-Alarm

First, ThERM™ works with existing fire and emergency notification systems to alert local emergency response teams. At the same time, alarms are broadcast to farm management and designated personnel enabling them to respond quickly and appropriately to the situation.

Next, ThERM™ takes steps to both restrict and slow the spread of fire. By temporarily overriding house operations, ThERM™ takes specific actions designed to reduce the risks to flock health while mitigating potential damage to farm infrastructure.

Finally, ThERM™ employs both system and human intervention in its proprietary response strategy. Through this blended approach, ThERM™ has raised the bar and redefined what’s possible in the field of fire mitigation.

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ThERM™ Downloads:

ThERM™ provides a comprehensive fire mitigation strategy designed to meet the needs of today’s complex farms.


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